1 Moon Above

1 Moon Above

A wonderful screensaver that shows the Moon from different angles in 3D
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1 Moon Above is a wonderful screensaver that shows the Moon from different angles in 3D. The application is fully customizable and allows users to select the objects they wish to include in the scene: nebulas, stars, sun, clouds, astronomical data, as well as lines of latitude and longitude. Users can even set the exact position from which they want to view the moon - by specifying the latitude and longitude coordinates (these can be looked up online from within the program). Users can choose the Moon's brightness or even color and specify the camera's field of view. They can even add trees to the scene (silhouette or translucent), which I don't recommend because they look too artificial. What is more, users can select a song to accompany the screensaver or even play their whole favorite playlist with the default music player. Some other options include the ability to show time and frame rate, reduce the number of details, etc. Some of the images are amazing, while others look much less attractive. Anyway, 1 Moon Above is fully customizable, and its beautiful theme will surely attract many people.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Fully customizable
  • Allows users to add music
  • Great images


  • Some images look artificial
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